Fundacja Hematologii Rodziny Bogdani
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Fundacja Hematologii Rodziny Bogdani
ul. Żabia 42
42-400 Zawiercie

KRS: 0000458872
NIP: 6492298438
Regon: 243249286

Nr konta:
61 1140 1078 0000 4068 5800 1001
mBank S.A. O/Katowice
ul. Powstańców 43, 40-024 Katowice

tel./fax: 32 67 30 902
tel.kom. 508 567 306

Rada Fundacji:

dr n. med. Elżbieta Kisiel
Przewodnicząca Rady Fundacji

dr Gajecka Bożek
Wiceprzewodnicząca Rady Fundacji

ks. Stanisław Wybański
Członek Fundacji

Ewa Mentel
Prezes Zarządu

Adam Bogdani
Członek Fundacji

What we do?

Targets and principles of activities of Foundation

The target activity of Foundation is to:

  1. provide help to people suffering from blood diseases;
  2. support activities in the range of introducing new diagnostic and therapeutic methods in hematology;
  3. support educational activities of doctors specializing in hematology;
  4. educate and provide information related to diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases;

Foundation achieves its target through the following activities:

  1. direct financial and substantial support to people suffering from blood diseases;
  2. organizing and financing medical treatment in Poland and abroad, for the sake of people suffering from blood diseases;
  3. purchasing medical products or medical equipment and their free transfer to people suffering from blood diseases or medical centers specializing in providing treatment to such people;
  4. financing the use, in medically justified cases, after approval form Bioethical Commission and complying with all requirements defined by the currently binding legal regulations, of medical products not admitted for trading in the territory of Poland, which are dedicated for use by people suffering from blood diseases;
  5. informational campaigns, educational activities and publications in the range of diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases;
  6. publicizing the target activities of Foundation and transfer of knowledge in the range of diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases in mass media;
  7. initiating and financial support to doctors specializing in hematology;
  8. financial and substantial support in research and scientific activities in hematology;
  9. initiating campaigns and actions aimed at growing the national database of potential donors of marrow;
  10. arranging fundraising activities, searching for sponsors and donors for the sake of financial support to the targets of Foundation.